A personal appointment with your Higher Self (soul)

Higher Self Clairvoyant-Empath, Teacher, Counselor, since 1975

What do you wish to know or better understand? Who are you? — Why are you in this life? — What is your purpose? What are your spiritual gifts? — How can you help humanity and the earth?

Put your mind at ease. See your place in the world. Know where to be and what to do that brings you the most peace, joy, and contentment.

  • Certified Lightworker, Certified Clear Channel of Ascended Masters
  • Transformational Conscious Channel of the Source
  • Master Teacher of the I Am
  • Conscious Channel of Monad, Oversoul (Higher Self), angels, Akashic Records, Spiritual Hierarchy.

Aura photo 2001


From your Higher Self to Charol’s Higher Self – bringing back to you a fresh perspective, clarity, and expanded insight on your life and spiritual path.


Higher Self Reading may include:

  • Overview – your inherent Self, character, innate talents, life purpose, service path.
  • Career, work, education.
  • Relationships (people, pets); abusive relationships, bullies, recognizing cults and manipulators.
  • Life decisions and life changes. Next steps.
  • Psychic experiences
  • Dreams
  • Past Lives
  • The angels who watch over you, spirit guides, inner counselor
  • Premonitions, forebodings, intuitive sensing.
Higher Self Insights* also may include:
  • Spiritual path
  • Humanity, being human, the planet
  • Esoteric topics
  • Psychic Protection (weather, pets, loved ones, home, car, yourself), how to be safe, white light shield/bubble, spiritual protection, and overcoming dark forces.
  • Feel your own soul presence
  • God’s voice in you
  • Accessing the Divine Consciousness
  • Soul contract and commitments
  • Enhancing intuition
  • Inner stillness, stilling mental chatter
  • Being content
  • Soul Merge meditations
  • Akashic Records
  • Angels, angel realms
  • Spiritual realms, life after death
  • What is God
  • What is consciousness
  • Ascension
  • Spiritual Awakening, kundalini, soul merge meditations
  • Astral plane, out of body, etheric world, esoteric realities
  • The Universe, higher planes, dimensions
  • Higher Self integration, soul merge, oversoul merge
  • Stages of spiritual evolution
  • Inner voice, telepathy
  • Visions
  • Key to discernment
  • Prophecies, futurist, humanity’s evolution, cultural changes, global society
  • Extraterrestrials, Orion, Blue Race, ancient astronauts
  • A personalized study plan.
* Higher Insights are cosmic knowledge and estoteric wisdom for all and may be included in future books.


Prior to your personal session – in a deep meditation Charol connects with your energy, soul consciousness, and the angels who guide you. During your appointment, she receives insights through the energy flow. You may wish also to meditate before the reading, to enhance your own intuitive connection.

During your reading –

Charol is deep in the focus, in the Zone. These readings are channeled, in the empathic-intuitive flow. These are not conversations. This way, Charol goes deeper for you, allowing her to reach the most precise insights. She will invite you to ask any additional questions, at certain times throughout the reading – in the flow.

You then take the insights and apply them in your day-to-day decisions and actions, as you listen to your own inner knowing, which always guides you in moment-to-moment events and experiences.