Futurist – Visionary – Messenger of Angels

Since her spontaneous cosmic awakening in 1975, Charol Messenger has served over 62,000 individuals through her award-winning visionary books, blog with timely new messages from the Infinite Consciousness, and as a Higher Self Intuitive-Empath-Clairvoyant.

She was certified as a clear channel of ascended masters and the Spiritual Hierarchy in 1983 by Ascended Master Djwhal Khul through The Tibetan Foundation, and certified as lightworker in 1990 by Linda Schiller-Hanna.




Since completing her oversoul integration in 1982, Charol has been receiving universal and planetary insights about humanity’s future. With activated clairvoyance, Charol is a “translator” of the “language of light” from the Akashic records and the Universal Mind. She is a direct channel of Oversoul Samuel (the biblical prophet) and Angels of Serendipity (the highest clan of the angels, those first created and nearest to the Christ Essence and the God Mind Source, those who oversee the Akashic Records and who guide the Council of Humanity).

Book Series “Living Higher Self Conscious” (You 2.0, The Soul Path, Intuition for Every Day).   ALL PRINT   MANY MORE KINDLE    All content this blog copyright © Charol Messenger. (search: being higher self)


  1. Katherine eveningstar says:

    Dear Charol: Thank you for the work you do. We have many similarities. I signed up for your blog. I have not been on ACE much these days…..such a swiftly moving current is my life…and trying to finish my own book. Many Blessings to you. Love Katherine


  2. Frances "Luurre" says:

    Hi Charol,
    THANK YOU for your journey and your teachings. I say this with so much gratitude because I have searched and searched and your website was the only one I got some clarification in relation to an (and from yesterday, more than one) experience that has changed my life.

    In January this year I knew something beautiful was going to happen. I travelled around the UK for interviews (I was made unemployed and have had the time to integrate my spiritual life a little more) and for spiritual healing courses. I had 3 different types of healings in one week.. This I didn’t feel triggered this experience but supported it in happening. Because it was going to happen. Whether I liked it or not 🙂

    The experience its self was supported by my Angelic Reiki teacher and our class of students (I was one of them). I am so grateful I was where I needed to be when this happened for me. I came out of my body in a meditation (not unusual for me) but this time I DID NOT WANT TO COME BACK. I was aware something wasn’t right in me. I was aware of the room, the people, myself, I was also aware of another self, and of so much heartache. I was aware of the energy, the love, my ‘home’. I was aware of the intense blue light. That was all there was. The planet was just pure blue light. It wasn’t a physical planet. The beings were light beings, I was one of these light beings. I met me for the first time. I felt and saw the presence of my twin flame and there was some communication. What stuck with me however, was that my twin flame had to coach me back into my body. I was dying consciously in the room. I did not want to return to my body.

    My twin flame (who instantly I knew who was in the physical!) coached me back, and I was more aware of my body. However, I was now 7-8 ft tall energetically, where as my physical self is only 5ft 4.. I still could not ground. I was cold, shaking, terrified of returning to earth. I wanted to be home. My heart ache was to be back home. My heart ache was that I had finally re-connected after life times of being without my twin flame to have him leave me again in a physical body on a planet I didn’t want to return to. Alone.

    While I was in this denial of returning, I had visions of home flash before me. I remembered the energy, my ‘family’ I suppose. The beings there. I remember the advanced energetic healing modalities, I remembered the technology! I remembered going from planet to planet in peace! Each planet we changed our form as the energy required. Some were pure light, some were slightly denser, Earth was the first physical planet for me personally. Thats why it hurt so much ‘returning’. I am 31 years old here. The light beings were so profoundly beautiful. Even the semi-physical beings (I wouldn’t know how else to describe) were stunning! Tall, very slender, humble, eyes wide and expressive, largeish heads, Either very short hair or no hair. It was hard to remember due to “Earth Amnesia” as my guides have called it.. I am inclined to agree! Nothing was getting me to ground. Only my twin flame brought me back to my physical body on Earth and returned to his physical body. I know of the person yet I have not met them yet in person. I am in the UK and he is in America. Yet I don’t believe he remembers who he is, but is more advanced than I am spiritually. And that is the way it has always been. I have always been the student to my flame. Maybe it is my job to remind him in this place who he is..

    Since this experience, I have had another, yesterday 16th March 2015. This time I knew what was happening. Again I didn’t want to return. The heartache doesnt get any easier. Their chakras are higher up than ours here on Earth. Our brow chakra is ‘their’ root chakra. “Om-ing” grounds the blue light beings. That was what brought me back on both occasions. “OM”.

    In the physical formation, “their” skin is blue. I say “their” because I don’t know what to call “them”. Because I am one of them. I feel that more than I feel human now. Our light switches on and we are seen easily by the government via radar. We can consciously switch it off after we have grounded. I felt this was safest to do so but means other “blues” cannot see/find each other easily. I counted over 50 globally with their lights switched ON. However I know there are thousands more! I could sense, feel, almost know these people all in one go! Yet I know none in the flesh so to speak and it is a very lonely existence now. I NEED to be in contact with other blues. Please, can you help? I miss home. The only crystals that seem to help in this I have found is a Celestialite Angelite mixed raw crystal. Or one of each. I feel at home, yet grounded as much as I can be. Any normal grounding crystals are too heavy and a depletion to the system. These two crystals are usually high vibration, yet grounding to the Blues.

    In previous years, I have dreamed of Asian and blue children and with an Egyptian link. I have met a soulmate in this life who I shared (and they remembered more than I did at times!) an Egyptian past life. I have as a child and adult been drawn to Orion’s Belt and knew that was where I felt at home. Often the stars would change from the middle to the top right star being my ‘home’.
    So, I have the Egyptian and the Blue race link. I am an Indigo and becoming Crystaline! Please, if you can help. I need to learn how to ground/integrate this as my mission is to help others to do so. Please, if you can, advise, suggest, anything. If you know of other Blues, please, is there a way of contacting and building a community? I feel I am not alone in feeling lost and alone. I question, is this my soul or my higher self? I remember bits from my life on the blue light planet. I had a vision of my death. The people were blue skinned, and the horses were not horses as we know of them on Earth.

    Blessings to you, to your path and to your mission.

    With love,


    • Frances, you are a lovely and beautiful soul. Your light is needed in this world. That’s why you are here. The best way I can share is through my books, teachings from my oversoul and the angels. They all relate to the journey and were written for people like you. Plus, see the considerable volume of material on this blog from the last four years, which I have gifted. I also offer personal readings, if you wish, for specific insights. Trust your heart. You chose to be here. This life has a purpose. Take it on. Be present, for yourself and all whose lives you will improve.


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