40 daily meditations for inspiration and motivation 

Cover WHY HERE NOW 3These 40 daily meditations illuminate your resilience and your calling. Solace that you are indeed on the right track. Insights into the full presence you already are. This collection of inspirational messages is a tool to help you more fully embrace the gifts that are abundant within you. May your heart be touched and your inspiration rekindled. May you be afire with the clear knowing of who you are and why you are here.


“These daily meditations open us to see the bigger picture of our lives as we search for meaning. They are a flashlight for the soul, helping to illuminate and claim our own true path. What a wonderful reminder as to why we are here, and a practical meditative guide to realign with our wholeness in a fragmented world….” – Judy Lynn, Boulder, CO, meditation teacher, musical producer

“Your writings inspire me to new heights and revelations within myself that I didn’t even know existed. I can’t thank you enough! …. It’s an exciting time and everything you say verifies deeply in me what I thought I knew….” – Kate Griffler, New York City, producer, choreographer

“Such a beautiful invitation for active participation in the world changes ahead. I am left feeling called to serve and worthy to be called. The part about ‘your dreams matter’ on Day 10 gave me chills!….” – Claudia Edge, Colorado Springs, CO, hospice volunteer, realtor, spiritual seeker, mother and grandmother to some awesome ’new humans’

“Each message is so gently and deeply inspirational. I can truly sense the stillness of the ‘Presence’ imbued in every word, filling my heart with hope and encouragement as I discern my path through this life. Thank you, Charol, for bringing us these vital messages from the Divine.’ – Anne, in the UK, fine artist/illustrator, caregiver, spiritual warrior

ebook 14,800 words


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