VOLUME I: Living Your Infinite Self

Preface: The Purposes of Being

PART I: THE TRAINING – Your Higher Self Initiation

  1. Listening to the Inner Voice — The first lesson, the five-fold process of the Higher Self alignment, the way to attain communication with your Higher Self, right use of the power, exercise for clearing yourself.
  2. Tuning In to the Ultrasound Frequencies of the Etheric World — Three practices for remembering your revelations, the etheric world, ultrasound frequency, telepathic communication, ultrasound communication, the purpose of Higher Self initiation.
  3. Devoting Your Choices to the Inner Planes of Development — First phase of spiritual enlightenment, what are illusions, basic formula for communion with your Higher Self.
  4. Sacrificing Only the Irrational, and Blending Your Senses with the Rational — The purpose of initiation, the meaning of sacrifice, the effects of Higher Self initiation, you in the physical world, what is your potential, how you co-exist in the physical world.
  5. Organizing Your Days for a Full Experience in the Ordinary — How you overcome the greatest odds, the seven wishes, how you get past your one-track mind, how you increase your prosperity.
  6. Listening to the Higher Dimensions Through Appreciating Ordinary Life — How to access higher consciousness, the essential daily routine, how to renew your life, conscious living.
  7. From a Quiet Recluse to a Fully Activated Human Being — How to integrate your Higher Self, being spiritual in a busy life, humanity’s age of awakening, you in the age of awakening, the light of spiritual seeking.
  8. Dividing Your Time To Meet All Aspects of Self — The four daily activities to your soul, what are the forms of service, how to reach enlightenment.
  9. The Twelve Parts of the Self, Highlighted by Soul’s Appreciation of Your Inner Being — The twelve parts of a self, ten new dimensions of the self, merging with your soul consciousness, journal activity, your soul agreement meditation.
  10. Identifying the Common Complaints of the Human Force, and Resolving These One By One — Five attitudes and behaviors to clear, four attitudes and behaviors to integrate.
  11. Duty Encompassed Through Service of the Heart, and Overlighting Any Other Means of Anticipating Power — What is the best way for you to be in service, what is personal power, the source of joy.
  12. Releasing the Last Dredges of Self-Conceit and Self-Deception — Finding your contentment, you are a forerunner of the new humanity, how to communicate with Ascended Master Teachers, accessing your Essence Self, a person’s most common failure, what is the key to a better world.
  13. Realizing That First Impressions Are the Clearest — The four practices to a stress-free existence, how to come back to balance, when first impressions are instinct.
  14. The Origin of Soul — What is soul, the purpose of life’s lessons, your beginning as a soul, the effect of living from your higher consciousness, how your passions come from soul.

PART II: THE QUICKENING – Your Higher Self Integration

  1. Treating the Behavior of “Besting” Over Others — The most abhorrent flaw in the human personality, how to remain serene.
  2. Willful Strategy Is Being a Tyrant for the Sake of Catapulting Self-Image — The personality of the Higher Self, the new plan for humanity, if you resist your higher self, your evolving Higher Self, there is now a planetary awakening, why the Ascended Masters are speaking at this time, what is your potential destiny.
  3. Releasing Your Best Synergy Takes Discipline — How do you get to your higher consciousness, why did you choose to be born on Earth, the next thirty to fifty years, what if life isn’t the way you want it, disciplines of the heart and mind.
  4. Are You Retreading Old Tempers? — Why do you get overwhelmed, how to get back on track, you as a leader in planetary consciousness, how do you find your truth, how do you receive illumination, how do you let go, exercise to integrate your light.
  5. Does It Seem Others Have Turned Against You? — The two formulas for life, how to flow no matter what happens (a very practical example), when you feel out of control.
  6. Clearing Your Focus with New Perceptions — How do you get to be the new you, the gifts of the higher consciousness, the world’s social systems in evolution, earth changes, the social changes worldwide.
  7. Coming Alive By Restoring Self-Esteem — What is spiritual power, the new wisdom that comes to you, how to bring your dreams into reality, the beginning of abundance.
  8. The Windows of Your Past — The forces that shape your future, the awakening of Higher Selves, the new more malleable time, your past lives, the effect of your self-healing on the world, reassessing how to use your talents, how do you get to the future you want, what heals a wounded society, what’s stopping you?
  9. Achieving Integration — How do you get to the oneness, expanding your identity, why communication from Ascended Teachers, the steps of discovering that you have an awareness, how do you know when you’re there.
  10. Coming Into a New Vision of Life — Experiencing relationships in a whole new way, your new voice, your new ability to be allowing, the real you, you in the higher focus.
  11. Preparing Your Body for Higher-Self Consciousness — What does it mean to have a fourth-dimensional body, some arguments for Higher Self integration, living as a godself.


VOLUME II: Humanity in a Life Shift

We are in an evolutionary genetic leap, the second only since humanity began. – The New Cosmic Age: Autumnal Equinox 2011.

Personal Transformation: Making Time for Yourself – 11-11-11 Awakening Your Pristine Mind – You Are a Beacon to Others, Now – Build Your Vision – Imaginal Reasoning: To Recreate Your Life, to Design the Impossible – Jan 21 to Feb 19: Your Turning Point, Your New Life Phase…Begins Now – 2012 An Awakening of Consciousness: The New “Age of Compassion” – All You Need Is Kindness – Your Feelings and Thoughts Are Your Life—We Live Inside – Life Is In Flux. Yours, Too. – If You Are Abused or Oppressed… – Purpose of Life and Living – Breathe In Your Pure Self – Stay the Course – You Are the Living Mind

Cultural Transformation: The World’s Nations and Their Economies – Today the Economic Downfall Reaches the Midway Point … and begins to swing in the opposite direction – Today a Total Global Social Paradigm Shift – Care for the Children – First, Above All Else – Despot Leader in the North Ailing – Children’s Wisdom Ages Three to Fourteen – The Middle East Update – The New Face of Egypt: A Woman – 2012 the Year of the People, Poverty the Number One Issue, Middle East World Leader Defiant – Those Born Since 1975: Healers, Protectors – 2012: The Suppressed Arising in Great Numbers – This Is Your Time – Status Report: Nations – Great Depression 2 on Decline: U.S. Europe Economy Feb-May – Global Insights and the Great Recession – Greece: The New Visionaries and Economic Restoration – How to Be Safe – and Iran Syria – Assad is out. (in universal time) – U.S. Healthcare Law Upholds – UN in Reconstruction, and April 18-May 19 – 2012: The Year of Clarification – North Korea a Threat – Syria Regime Will Collapse – European Union, Spain, Greece Economies, and You – New Egyptian President – Syria’s Own House Falls – U.S. and E.U. Economies thru 2018 – The World’s New Spirituality


  • How to Know Your Personal Destiny
  • Soul Merge Deepest Meditation
  • Your Multidimensional Lives: One Woman’s Past Life in Atlantis, Your Oversoul and Your Many Selves, On Being a Higher Self Walk-In
  • Messages from: Soul Essence of the physical embodiment Charol Messenger, Oversoul Samuel, Messenger’s Soul Councils, Messenger’s Initiations
  • Tenets of Clear Being

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