Shanel, college student, Denver 2016: “Freedom through spirituality! You 2.0 has changed me forever. My soul felt so much love and kindness. Now I have a better understanding of spiritual duality and who I really am. What a beautiful and uplifting experience I had reading and going through this book. Thank you, Charol Messenger. [I found] freedom through spirituality! 5 stars!”

John Brennan, Founding Dean of Denver’s Regis University School for Professional Studies: “I felt it was written for me….  A study in traditional, nontraditional, transformational, trans-disciplinary, and seamless insights for one on the path. Non-intimidating insight into where one is on the path and how to interpret one’s spiritual growth in daily practical terms. The self-directed integration process, which includes many goal lists for inner direction and paradigm changes, is rich and pristine.”

Wendy T. Upde, Transformational Teacher: “This Source book is a how-to manual for the serious spiritual seeker on the path. A refreshing look at the meaning of mastery beyond the surface of things…a tour-de-force of original spiritual insights.” 

Katie Allen, Usui Reiki Master Teacher: “Tools and techniques for anyone who is on the path of the spiritual warrior. This book, written for the ‘initiate’, gives the tools needed for the next step of our spiritual growth, in easy to understand and concise ways.”