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The Purposes of Being

The purpose of your soul gives you unique strengths and insights in this world of many experiences. How can you learn to cope if you do not accept that there is a purpose to it all?

Indeed, life does have meaning that far surpasses our individual comprehensions. Life has meaning far grander than we each have glimpsed.

In your estimation of your place in life, your purpose is to remember how you can be and to remember your quintessential characteristics.

What are you to do in the world today? Some people raise families. Some earn recognition through the arts. Some appease hunger and starvation. Some look to employment to satisfy their hunger for attunement with the community.

You are looking for the right answer. At times, you feel ostracized or separate, without love, and no one seems to understand your suffering, least of all those near you.

It is time to reach beyond your immobility of fear. It is time to reach upward to that quality within you that represents the highest achievement of your natural self (the good, the blessed) and take it forward into all circles of your life. It is time to make a place for yourself in society by letting others experience your sense of honor and your presence of joy.

When you can reach out to those around you and be a blessing in your own home and community, not letting fear shroud you, then this is a time, indeed, of freedom and renewal. You are looking to yourself for peace, and you are letting go of solemnity.

You are not a shadow, my friend. You are light. In that is the hope of all. If you can be but a little glimpse of this light, then you can see the purpose of your life. You can alleviate your personal dreads. You can rise up in full abundance of your spirit. Let us now contemplate the purposes of your being.

FRONT COVERThe Purposes of Your Being

  • To recognize your individual uniqueness.
  • To abide by the reality of your own unique identity in the all that is.
  • To realize that all living forms are equal.
  • To realize that you are an heir of the life force and equal.
  • To realize that each person is innately divine.
  • To realize that you are powerful, intelligent, equal under universal law, and becoming divine.
  • To realize your inner spiritual power.
  • To realize that you cannot be dominated unless you feel less or greater, that you are equally powerful with the highest that was created.
  • To evaluate your true place in life.
  • To realize you are a co-creator with God, that each is a co-creator with the I AM.
  • To be a powerful participator in love and forgiveness.
  • To realize the power of appreciation and thoughtfulness; that as an equal, you receive the forgiveness of others through appreciation, subtlety, and love, that you need not use words or thoughts of superiority.
  • To realize that you are creating the universe, that each is a kingdom within a kingdom, that it is insufferable to imagine that life is void; that you are not void but are full of continuing vibrations beyond you, that each is a universe within a universe, continuing endlessly and forever, that as you change, you recreate and redesign the universe.
  • To seek truth, and to realize that to seek truth is your highest goal.
  • To learn to be happy.

How are you happy? By hoping, following hope, manifesting hope, feeling and realizing happiness in each moment, loving happiness, loving experience, and not believing in failure. Happiness comes when we understand that all peoples are representatives and tones of the life force. We are fully happy when we know that all are ideal. You respect others and you respect yourself.

  • To become illuminated.

When you focus upon being happy in each moment, and your focus is deeply abiding joy, you cannot help but develop consequent illumination, which is the ability of knowing. By being in harmony with life, you access wisdom.

  • To remember your link with all that is, that each is an aspect of the I AM Force, that at all times you are expanding in that potential.
  • To learn to love.

Simply, to love. To allow yourself to give, to be, to enjoy; but not only to give, also to receive love, for balance. When we are naturally being-doing-sharing, love flows from our inner being. When we first became human, we dismissed the love principle. It is now important to give love your full attention, so that you may blend with the light of the angels.

  • To learn to enjoy now.

We have heard, “Live for today, not tomorrow or yesterday.” But this is a challenge. How do you learn to live in the now?

Focus upon and allow the experience of each moment. Do not eliminate planning, but be flexible for conditions that may change, because people change and ideas change. Don’t throw away your past influences—unless you wish to; but understand that conditions change and are not constant. Learn that there are no absolutes and no constants; there is only growth. Learn that now is when you find your greatest joy.

  • To learn to be true to yourself, to be remembered by the Divine Essence.

Not only do you come to remember your essence but, when you are true to yourself, the Essence remembers you. All circles back. All that you give returns.

  • To learn to be confident.

Only fear can suppress you. Therefore, learn to be confident and courageous, to bear faith and constructive attitudes. Succinctly, affirm:

“I am courageous. No fear conquers me. Fear is an illusion of forgetting that I am a child of the universe. I have all possibilities of strength, vision, and understanding—which banish my fear.”

  • To learn to live the laws of the universe.

We are subject only to universal law. Principles that are not in harmony with all that is bring destruction. The laws of life are a natural condition set by the Cosmic Force. The laws of nature are inherent in our being. The law of karma—that what you send out returns in full measure—is one such a law. By the laws of the universe, you measure your thoughts and actions. By living these laws, you are in harmony.

  • To learn to be kind.

It is not enough to live only for your own peace and sanctity. Learn to recognize that life is not for you alone, that life is for joining all in creation and that all are equal. Once you believe this, you consciously strive to live kindness.

  • To learn.

Constantly watch for opportunities to grow spiritually. Always be learning, because learning enhances your being.

  • Ultimately, to create.

Your overall purpose of being is to create. Being creative is inherent, and creative flow is natural when you are practicing the purposes of being. You are an extension of the Creator. You are a co-creator. Your primary purpose is to create and to live in harmony with all that is.

We generally do not express ourselves in the same way in all of our lifetimes. In one life you may be enlightened, in another dense; in one life light, in another dark. But as you integrate your different aspects, you evolve. Your other multidimensional selves become more aware also.

As your oversoul blossoms in its entirety, its various personalities, even those that are dull or solemn, experience the illumination of the soul energy blooming through them.

You are on an upward journey of increasing awareness. You do not need to be aware of your other selves to do this. It does help to be aware of your oversoul so that you can aim toward that union, but you need only truly look at your present life to evolve. Besides, you can only live in the present. The present is all the reality we really know, and our present life may express our ultimate glory.

As you move upward along the spiral path of enlightenment, at times you will be euphoric and full of wonder and wisdom. At times, you will know clearly. This is rapture. Such periods of brilliance and wisdom are like an inner spring nurturing you.

On the other hand, in the beginning of our spiritual growth, at times we spiral backward—away from joy. This spiral flow is natural. It is when you feel you have lost clarity and fallen back into darkness and your way seems clouded that you face your greatest task: Are you able to maintain equilibrium? Just how strong are you? During such times of apparent backward flow, you are testing the values you have learned in your previous euphoric states, to see how well you have learned oneness and inner joy, how well you have learned to flow with your inherent abilities, and whether you have accepted the lessons you have studied.

It is easy to live in I AM Consciousness when in your highest breath moving upward on the path. It is more challenging to maintain self-worth and self-trust when you feel you have been wayward or that you have lost your upward grasp of the wheel of life. However, you can become more and more generally cognizant, even during temporary states of unawareness. Your moments of rapture increase and are more spontaneous and frequent for longer periods of time. Each experience of insight that you have is greater than the last, and you are wayward less often.

Enlightenment is a spiral path moving upward. We journey forever and ever into the greater awareness of our Total Self.

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