VOLUME I: The Prelude

Part I: What We and the World Will Be LikeThe civilization that is humanity’s destiny and the kind of people we will be.

  1. On the Brink of a New Society
  2. The World As It Will Be
  3. The World As We Know It Ending
  4. The Present As It Is Completing
  5. Our Lives As They Are Transcending

Part II: How We Will Achieve the New SocietyHow we individually can become a new human and contribute to creating the new society.

  1. Becoming a New Human
  2. Raising Our Vision of Ourselves
  3. The Swift Alterations in Our Lifestyles
  4. The New Values and Ethical Guidelines
  5. Our New Attitude
  6. Our New Heart
  7. Our New Perceptions
  8. Finding Our Tolerance
  9. Finding Our Virtue
  10. Finding Our Spiritual Self
  11. Our New Mind
  12. Our New Body
  13. Finding Our Compassion
  14. The Doorway

Part III: Humanity’s Heritage and DestinyThe origin of the human species, and our splendid destiny.

  1. Humanity’s Ancient Links
  2. Turning Point in the Human Story
  3. Next Level of the Human Species

VOLUME II: The Transcension

These are the times long foretold. We are in an evolutionary genetic leap, the second only since humanity began. The human species is now transcending spiritually and physically. It is now. We are in it now.

Cultural TransformationTopics include: The 2011 Arab Spring in the Middle East and North Africa (Tunisia, Egypt, and Libya are the linchpin of social change throughout the Middle East), anchoring liberty in Arabia (this is the world’s Third Revolution for freedom and independence), social awakenings (also including Syria, Yemen, Bahrain, Lebanon, Iran, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Turkey, Saudi Arabia), and messages to tyrants, despots, dictators, kings, and world leaders. Plus, God by all names, the divine right to live free; a new energy industry, medical treatments, science, and technology, and the urgency to save our seas. The trends through 2012 and the next decade, this century and the next, and the critical mass.

The Nature of Reality and the CosmosTopics include: The world does not end in 2012, what is “the end of time”; how humanity and the earth are transcending, the second genetic leap since humanity’s origin, a giant leap forward as a human race. Plus, earth shifts, the waters, the air streams, magnetic zones and a new phasing,  and how to fix the earth. Overlapping nine-plus dimensions, simultaneous multi-dimensions, the vibrational shift in frequency, space travel inter-dimensional. What is God, what is consciousness, dark energy, dark matter, the stuff of all existence, the universes evolving and expanding, time and matter speeding up, what existed before the Big Bang. Also, expanded perceptions, sixth sense and intuition; new human DNA in people born since the 1970s, catapulted in 2001; new molecular elements and electrical-neural passageways, the brain rewiring, dormant areas of the brain waking up, new nodes activating, seeded dormant genetic code now activating. Apes are their own unique genetic lineage, humans did not descend from apes but came from other worlds as humans; humanity’s evolving body and brain, faster healing, and slower aging.

Personal TransformationTopics include: What purpose are you choosing for your life today, what ripples are you making in the world, how to know which path is right for you, how to discover what you were born to do, how to let go of damages done against you, how to access your full Greater Mind and creative abilities, how to direct your energy to alter the events in your world, how to know the right actions, how to remember and reconnect to your pure Original Self, why you are in life. Also, the next 25 years; how now is a year of expansion socially, financially, morally; how to help heal the world’s social issues, health issues, political issues, relationship issues. Plus, teachings on being still, inner focused, the deep breath, and the universal hum resonating through you in the midst of the world’s chaos, and what is Imaginal Reasoning.


Prophecies of Earth Changes (received 1982-1989) — Including: A new fuel for transportation and utilities. A falling star coming past the earth, shifting and shearing in our planet’s pathway, a vibration.

True Stories of Averting Threatening Weather — Averting a Flash Flood with Mind Energy Focus. Averting a Tornado with Mind Energy Focus. Averting a Forest Fire with Mind Energy Focus. How to Be Safe No Matter Where You Are.

Humanity 2.0: The TranscensionHumanity 2.0 is the winner of 4 book awards, including October 2016: International 2nd Place Winner in spirituality (global Finalist @BEA). Also: National Finalist 2012 in new age nonfiction USA Best Books and also Finalist in spirituality CIPA EVVY awards, as well as 3rd Place in spirituality 2001 for the first edition (The New Humanity, now Volume I) CIPA EVVY.

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