Rick Doksai, The Futurist, World Future Society, “I was wowed by it, personally… profoundly spiritual… does touch on a lot of themes that are very relevant to the World Future Society.… another voice of hope for progress… In Humanity 2.0: The Transcension, Messenger describes a new evolutionary stage for the human species that she says is now under way: Communication networks are flourishing, cultural barriers are breaking down, and individuals everywhere are attaining new levels of empathy, insight, and awareness.”

D. Donovan, Senior Reviewer, Midwest Book Review : “New age, spirituality, and science too seldom cross paths – or, if they do, they tend to head in opposite directions entirely, with conclusions that don’t connect. For something different – and an approach that requires an open mind of scientist readers and new age thinkers alike – take a look at Humanity 2.0: The Transcension. Here is a wide-ranging discussion that includes: DNA, the cosmos, angels, messengers, evolution, psychology, energy sources in the universe, and visionary thinking. And, by the way: the latter is a key to appreciating just how vast and all-embracing is the universe of Humanity 2.0. Readers can anticipate a whirlwind of ideas, and should be prepared to give this book a lot of time; not just for reading, but for absorbing many new, enlightening concepts. From how to recognize and use options provided by the universe to how to acknowledge the presence, effects and purposes of synchronicity in one’s life, why the human species as a whole is transcending (and into what), and how personal growth insights and opportunity are linked into this process, Messenger uses posts from her meditations and angel encounters to get her point across. If this all seems ethereal and new age – it is. If it seems to hold a high level of transcendent thinking in and of itself – well, don’t expect easy reading, here. Some things are handed to readers on a plate and others require further contemplation (which is encouraged, here). An openness to channeled spiritual messages is a prerequisite to appreciating these insights. Humanity 2.0: The Transcension is both a journal of discovery and a blueprint for reader change. It offers the unusual opportunity to draw together disparate threads of science, self-inspection and spiritual understanding and it covers both Earth change transitions now taking place and the process of individual and species transformation. Humans have many innate, unused abilities, and there are many methods of drawing them out. Humanity 2.0: The Transcension is one such resource, recommended for any new age reader open to a multitude of spiritual insights.”

Bud Gardner, co-author Chicken Soup for the Writer’s Soul:  “This uplifting, inspirational, heartfelt book offers a unique plan for transforming one’s life.”

Writer’s Digest contest judge: “In a time of bleak news dominating even bleaker TV news programs, death and wars on other continents, unrest here in the U.S. and abroad, and all the other ills of humanity, this is a rather amazing, uplifting and soulful little book on the hopefulness of the future. It’s also a refreshing look at the New Humanity, our destiny as a nation and world community, our personal destiny, and the development of our Self….”

John S. Brennan, Founding Dean, Regis University’s (Denver) School for Professional Studies: “Of all the spiritual authors and texts I have read, The New Humanity is the most comforting, readable, and flowing. As a reader of over 95 books on spirituality and a career of 40+ years (teaching in adult learning psychology and mentoring 150 graduate folks through masters programs, both genders, diverse cultural backgrounds).… I am impressed…. This book has a clarity of notions and perspectives and use of words that reach hearts and create motivation in others to embrace the generic nature of spiritual issues, while not creating fear of personal recrimination for considering their inner voice by attending to and/or honoring their spirit’s beckoning…. I am pleased and actually honored.… Charol has much to offer all of us.”

Sedona Journal of Emergence: New & Notable:  “… prophetic reflections on humanity’s next evolutionary step….”

John W. Parker, Dialogues with Emerging Spiritual Teachers: “… reflects a growing awareness that the planet is going through a huge shift in consciousness….”

Marty Segal, New Age Publishing Co., Miami: “A welcome addition to the universal journey of awakening. Nicely done!”

Judith Coates, co-author of Jeshua, The Personal Christ:  “The message in The New Humanity is wonderfully in alignment with the information we have been receiving….”

Barbara Munson, Circles of Life Foundation, A Reason for Optimism:The New Humanity is for those of us who can see that the world is slowly changing for the better but who don’t know how to change with it. Singularly positive and hopeful, this book made me feel good about myself while helping me understand who I am. It also made clear what I personally can do to speed up this process of achieving a beautiful new civilization. This is one book I will pass along to my family and friends.”

Ursula Joy, Reiki master:The New Humanity is fantastic! I could hardly put it down. Charol has a marvelous way of saying the most profound statements in an easy, casual way. This book is needed. It is truly written with spiritual insight. Charol is speaking truthfully and straightforward in a way that anyone can relate to. The writing is clear, uncluttered, and well put.”

Linda Schiller-Hanna, clairvoyant and lightworker: “Charol Messenger’s voice is untainted with ego. Here is a crystal-clear, heart-driven message that will bring you peace. The need for this book is enormous. Timely, profound and wise, it is sure to be a classic, referred to again and again.”