Chapter 1


We are changing our perceptions about reality and altering the way we view life. We are learning to release our fears and inhibitions and to allow healing and expansive attitudes, to invite change and even embrace it.

The era we are now entering has every possibility of being the most extraordinary since the beginning of human existence. We are in a transition from the overbearing premise of, “Only help another if it will help yourself.”

In a time not far distant—an era of increased compassion—humanity will access the higher wisdoms instantly. Already we are beginning to change emotionally and physically in our personalities and bodies. We are in transition spiritually and mentally. These may not be noticeable at times, because until now we have confused values with social standards and ethics with what is legal, and we have not been in sync with the cosmic whole that can direct our every thought.

How do we open our inner awareness and access spiritual understanding and reasoning in order to eliminate fear and frustration and illuminate the path of life before us? How do we unleash the complete Presence that is within us? How are we able to be unflinching in the face of disaster? The Divine Mind teaches:

Honor yourself.

Evaluate your inner struggles and beliefs that may have narrowed your experiences of joy.

Strive to understand the forces that rule human nature.

Give of your heart—in an attuned way—to others who struggle to understand the seeming loss of control over their lives.

Humanity’s innate inner knowledge of how all of us are connected gives us the capacity to shift focus from the one to the whole; as well as the ability to envision and link compassionately with every other person and life form, including animals.

Society’s wounds are but extensions of our individual wounds of the heart and soul. We are able to heal these wounds. We are able to reconstruct our personalities and to function as enlightened and balanced persons.

Every person is innately imbued with divine inspiration and inner knowing. Every person has access to the inner resonance … that still small inner voice that prompts and counsels us from within.

When not attuned to our spiritual Nature, the inner voice seems in conflict with our own desires and against what we accept as reality. However, the inner voice is the most illumined aspect of our being. The inner voice is the consciousness we name God.

Without the inner voice to guide us, we do not live as our true Self, because the human personality is bound to repeated routine. The inner voice teaches us to imagine, envision, and expand our understanding of what is possible. The inner voice brings us certainty in every circumstance.

With this concept tangible in our lives, we connect to our spiritual power, our conscience is open and clear, and we develop inner reasoning and align with our true Self.

Through Mind—which is all of us—we understand the workings of spiritual law and we realize the strategic plan of the Universal Stream of Consciousness. When we attach our desires to spiritual concepts, we are guided into realms that surpass known laws of nature.

When we live from our inner light, we are not afraid of any person or situation. We know what is truth and what is not. We change how we experience ourselves and how we relate to others. Our ideas expand. Our mind becomes limitless. Our emotions heal. Our body changes. Our spirit fills with a love for all.

These are the elements of the new society we are all creating and becoming. Humanity is transcending its old patterns of behavior. We are evolving new attitudes and new social actions—one person at a time.

Every person who is rising into the Divine Mind and releasing personality to Divine Will is becoming a new human. A new human is kind and tolerant, knows inner strength, and experiences life as an exciting adventure where every unexpected turn is a mystery to be explored.

This state of being is unfolding now in all of humanity, one person at a time. Once the whole of us reaches the concept of the all rather than the one, the fabric of human society will shift to a new level of human existence.

Humanity 2.0: The Transcension

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Humanity 2.0 is the winner of 4 book awards, including Oct. 2016: International 2nd Place Winner in spirituality (global Finalist @BEA). Also: National Finalist 2012 in new age nonfiction USA Best Books & Finalist in spirituality CIPA EVVY awards, plus 3rd Place in spirituality 2001 for the first edition (The New Humanity, now Volume I) EVVY.

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