VOLUME I: The Spiritual Path

PART I: The Process of Awakening to Your Soul Consciousness

  1. Living in this Age of Change – The journey into self-realization process to becoming soul-embodied.
  1. Releasing Regrets, Fears, and Restraints – Removing the veils that cloud your true vision of life. Dispelling the disbeliefs that cloud your passion. Dissipating disillusionment. Becoming incredibly alive.
  1. Being Self-Reliant – Mental clarity. Emotional harmony. Physical well-being.
  1. Discerning Delusions of Grandeur – Evaluating opportunities. Discerning stupendous follies. Seeing beyond people’s facades. Discerning what is good for you.

PART II: The Journey of the Conscious Life

  1. Beginning the Soul Path – Ten new Universal Laws for tranquility in everyday life. “Tenets of Clear Being.”
  1. Discerning Teachers of Light – The difference between a true spiritual teacher and a cult leader.
  1. The Five Phases of Self-Awareness – Going within and expanding your consciousness. First Phase of Being Whole: Expanding.  Second Phase of Being Whole: Saturation. Third Phase of Being Whole: “The Second Awakening.” Fourth Phase of Being Whole: “The Return into the One.” Fifth Phase of Being Whole: Back in the World.
  1. Making the Soul Connection – The first exercise in acquiring the inner connection. Anecdote, the angels in my life. How to survive the challenges of the world.
  1. The Three Causes of Increased Intelligence – The purpose of being aligned.
  1. The Eight Petals of Self-Discovery – What happens when you surrender to your soul consciousness.
  1. Being Soulfully Aware – When you begin to access the Universal Consciousness. Exercise on hearing the inner voice.
  1. Preparing for a Changed Outlook in Being – What the Inner Counselor instills within you.

PART III: Embracing Your Soulful Self

  1. What We Command Comes to Us – The key to being centered. Anecdote, the two causes of manifesting what is dearest to you.
  1. Fulfilling Your Soulful Destiny – How to know your destiny. Anecdotes, the passion that directs my life and the fear that has haunted me; how I muster strength, courage, and fortitude.
  1. Service on the Soul Path – How to know when to help another. Anecdote, the golden threat tugging at your heart. “The Separation from the Outer Mother.”
  1. The First Three Stages of Hearing the Inner Voice – Why we receive counsel through the still small inner voice. How to discern the source of the voice. First Stage of the Inner Voice Perception: Your Higher Self. Second Stage of the Inner Voice Perception: Counselors of the Other Realms. Third Stage of the Inner Voice Perception: Beginning to Serve Others.
  1. The Inner Society – What happens when you embrace the spiritual path.
  1. The Turning Point – Anecdote, when you move beyond your past. Humanity’s origin. Humanity’s second Awakening. Humanity’s “Turning Point”. Our Shared Beginning. Our Shared Destiny.

VOLUME II: Humanity’s Turning Point Is Now

We are in an evolutionary genetic leap, the second only since humanity began.

The New Cosmic Age: Onset Autumnal Equinox 2011

Cultural Transformation – What Is Justice? Economic Forecast and How You Can Help Yourself. To Assure Your Personal Economy, Be Innovative. Help the Young Adults of the West Build their Social Solutions. The Most Pressing Matter for All Societies Today…and the Unique Abilities of Those Born Now.

The Nature of Reality and the Cosmos – The Veil Has Been Lifted, The Next Hundred Years, Our Cosmic Family. We Are All an OCEAN of Life Presence: One Being, One Breath. You As a Self Have Always Been. The Nature of God, What God Is: A Conscious Energy. This Year Through 2170—Now Is “The Time Anticipated.” The New COSMIC AGE Onsets this Week with the 2011 Autumnal Equinox. The Autumnal Equinox, Transiting the New Cosmic Age: Align to Your Whole Self. Today Begins a Weeklong Major Influence of Transiting into the New Cosmic Age. Your Enhanced Self Begins Now: The Veil Is Lifted. Prophecies: The Decade Ahead—How to Maintain Inner Stability. The Time Is Now…for You. It is Now. Living As Your Intentional Self.

Personal Transformation – Focus Your Zone of Safety. Invoking Your Serenity. Which Is Your Inner Strength. Your More Tolerant Self—That Is the Blessing.


The Ageless Wisdoms – Accepting the Divinity in Self (the avatar Self). We are the Society. Equal Potential. Equal Right-to-Life. Personal Transformation. Global Transformation, Cosmic Society. Change the Earth, Change Yourself. Evolving into a Higher Vibrational Being. The Ageless Self. The Nature of Life.

Life Answers – Why Did We Become Human? Is Spirituality the Religion of the Future? (What is God? What is soul? What happens to us when we die?) Heaven and Hell, Our Only Choices? Do Animals Have Souls? What Role Do Fairies Play in Earth’s Evolution and Healing? Earth Changes, Prophecies.

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