Chapter 4


To walk clearly in wisdom, walk with a discerning eye, acknowledge your inner knowing, and trust your senses of the obtuse. These are our innate God-given gifts.

Inner alignment is reached through cherishing what we seek to be. When we accept our inner certainty without resistance or fear, and we include others in our tranquility, we are able to step into the outer glamours and retain clear insight. From our inner vision, we are able to evaluate opportunities in their clear truth and to discern stupendous potential follies of apparent enormous successes as well as potential long-term gains or losses.

True personal power is attained by controlling our attitudes. We acquire true power by devoting our whole being to our most sacred longings. Power born in right thought lasts. The power we can depend upon is that which comes from our personal commitment to kindness and goodwill.

The power that does not control is the inner power, which is an innate sweet disposition. The power that does not destroy is the inner power, which is a blazing eternal flame of personal serenity.

~ ~ ~

When we live as our essential Self, our core Self—as honestly as we know how—everything we think and do pivots around that self-image. All of our choices and decisions pivot from a perception of what will bring us fulfilling and satisfying peace. We find ourselves able to discern which opportunities will burn out like the fuses of fourth-of-July firecrackers.

Opportunities may sparkle and appear to hold much glamour and promise, yet what are they really? What can we expect from them as they evolve? Will our later revelations be as delightful?

When living from the perspective of our essential Self, we are able to observe everything as if with an “eagle” eye. We have a long and wide vision. We are able to perceive all possible ramifications of our actions and able to envision all possible consequences of our decisions. In fact, we see the full spectrum of every choice before us.

Only when we do not acknowledge our inner truth, in every instance, are we following a path that may lead at best away from our heart’s true desire, at worst to self-destruction. Only when we continuously deny our inner knowing and ignore our heart’s desire are we seeding our own destruction, from which collapse is inevitable.

~ ~ ~

To achieve a full and joyful life—everyone’s innate right—listen to and act upon what you know in your heart is your truth … and live that truth. All other aspects of your life will then manifest in all glory and gratification.

All that we desire begins by aligning our actions with our inner perspective. Self-persuasion leads only to collapse. When we measure our choices by our inner knowing, we find pathways opening abundantly, safely, and free of self-deception. When centered in our spiritual Self, we have self-esteem … and we choose wisely.

TV news often has people in anguish because many cultural beliefs are being destroyed. The sharp contrast between illusory fame and a person’s true character is repeatedly being thrown into the light. We are continuously being forced to re-evaluate our own actions, by example of those in the limelight. In the news, we see that powerful persons who have been valued highly are able to fall from their positions of global recognition, or at least to be tainted. We realize that anyone who appears worthy actually may be deceitful or even destructive. Profound examples of delusion are being shattered. While this is healing in the long-run for society, the shock is personally painful.

Disappointment is painful. Yet such incidents reflect the nation’s and the world’s growth. When heroes fall from their pedestals, we grieve at their loss in our lives, because they are not the persons we believed they were. Each time such an event strikes the media, we are forced to re-evaluate our own actions, choices, and beliefs. We are also forced to decide whether we will forgive that individual for his or her human frailty. A bit of life experience does make us more forgiving, tolerant and understanding, even if we do not like what a person has done.

~ ~ ~

The fierce and quick laws of cosmic justice are piercing us all to our essential Nature, until we cannot avoid being forced to admit our duality. Society is being “drawn and quartered” by delusions of grandeur. We are being disenchanted by the “beautiful ones” to whom we have proffered our allegiance. We are repeatedly being amazed and disheartened at the frightful true behaviors of many leaders of social status who have succumbed to the delusion that they are above cosmic law; when, in fact, no one is. This is forcing us to admit the dichotomy that exists between our values and our lives. We are having to ask ourselves hard questions: Are we, also, vain and pompous in our seductions of others’ praises? Or are we servants of goodwill?

None of us can continue to ignore our personal emptiness. We cannot continue to subjugate our precious correct insights. As long as we do, we are sucked into The Lie.

The solution is bringing more of our Nature into our behaviors, beliefs, and concepts of what is honorable and worthy. When we place our trust in ephemeral and fleeting outer purposes of superficial successes, we make ourselves vulnerable to the same strategic mistakes as we now observe in so many others.

To live in a peaceful world, we must build a peaceful heart, and only we know whether we are honoring our highest aspect or destroying it by repeatedly ignoring our own value.

This world of delusions is so familiar that we often do not see the truths behind the facades. We dance within our desires and avoid principles of kindness and goodwill.

The solution is to embrace the simple honesties that give us inner peace. With peace intact, all else that comes to us is a bonus.

Our pure Self dreams of surrendering to noble actions, dreams of sensitive reflections, embraces genteel perceptions, and is unable to fathom self-destroying behaviors. Such words and thoughts are impossible.

When we embrace our kind and lovely Self, we cannot also embrace our demanding and obnoxious self, because only one of these can be predominant in our psyche.

We live in an age of enormous duality. Society professes beliefs that we as individuals do not act upon. We act out what brings us temporary pleasure. We lose ourselves in the moment, rather than hold an overview toward potential consequences and retribution. Whenever we do something that is misaligned with our true Nature, we are forced to re-evaluate our behaviors—because we cannot survive two opposing forces within us. We cannot endure the wrath of delusory ambitions gone awry.

The only strength we can lean upon is the inner powers of kind restraint and precious acceptance. In a personal commitment to our lovely Self, we begin to embrace the world that we ache for, a peaceful world, because we cannot be in a world that is unlike us.

~ ~ ~

To create a peaceful society, we act with quiet self-assurance. We live centered in serenity. We tend to our longing for affection so that it does not go awry.

When centered in the quiet space of our eternal being, nothing can shake us and our personal values remain aligned. When centered in our inner power, the effect of the outer world cannot disturb us. When aligned with our inner ruler, we are able to maintain our true presence in the world.

To live successfully in the world and indulge in its expectations, we clear out of our psyche the duality of our intentions. We find a reference point within ourselves from which we can discern between what is good for us and what essentially would devour our goodness.

At some point on the soul path, we all face this.

~ ~ ~

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