Spiritual in this chaotic world? 

We wonder if there is more to life, and how do we find it? We follow our heart. Therein, begins our journey to our real, deepest, and most true self-discovery. Therein, we all have a direct link to the spiritual wisdom.

What is the practical, spiritual journey through life? What is the inner voice, and how does it help us? How do we discern liars, hypocrites, and cult leaders from true leaders and teachers of light who genuinely can help us find our own way and our own power?

Understanding the journey of the spiritual lifeNo one person, group, or ideology can dictate the journey of the self. We each come to the Source on our own initiative. How we live the spiritual path is a personal choice, guided by our heart. In The Soul Path, you learn the secrets to accessing the inner wisdom and understanding the source of the inner voice and intuition, which are crucial tools is this world that is filled with bombastic liars and threats of every kind. In our true inner Self, we learn to think clearly, for ourselves—instead of to others—because we have a direct connection with the clearest knowing there is.

The Soul Path unveils ancient mystery school teachings on the steps, stages, and phases of the spiritual life, as we all evolve in spiritual consciousness, throughout our many lives on our continuous journey as a soul, forever on the path. Most importantly, you see how the secret mysteries are available and accessible to anyone and everyone.

Through Charol’s personal stories and original ancient meditations revealed, you see—or remember—how to draw on your innate resilience and fortitude, and rediscover your inherent and original grace.

2015 NATIONAL FINALIST IN GENERAL SPIRITUALITY, from futurist and visionary, Charol Messenger. Twelve chapters were published in Pathways magazine, Denver, CO (under prepublication title Petals of Self-Discovery).

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