Eric G., Canada – “Intuition for Everyday is a book whose scope is quite vast, including techniques about cultivating intuition (which are numerous and some you won’t find anywhere else), protection, and spiritual growth. There are also a few sections of the book that show and give examples of ways to use one’s spiritual power and love responsibly for a world in greater alignment with the highest good of all beings everywhere…. Charol’s approach is straightforward, and clear, so readers are not lost in the practices or examples being described. One of her earlier techniques helped me get through driving in the rain with malfunctioning windshield wipers (I was helping a friend get his bike from his house hours away). I had prayed that whatever happened was for our highest good and the highest good of all beings everywhere, did the specific visualization and envisioned clear skies for our trip (my preference of the events to occur)…. Wherever we went, the sky began clearing up….  I recommend Charol’s book to anyone who is interested in spiritual topics and wants to grow spiritually. Thank you, Charol!”

Shanti Toll, organizer Celebration Metaphysical Fairs, serving the U.S. public 1979-2012 – “Charol Messenger is Celebration’s senior intuitive reader and channel. For years and years, she has used her empathy and ‘fast mind’ to help people transition from old habits to a new planetary outlook on life.”

Myrna Lou Goldbaum, Master Palmist – “I am a peer of Charol Messenger. Intuition for Every Day has all the elements one needs to begin the journey of self-teaching and listening to our inner voice.”

Katie Allen, Usui Reiki Master Teacher – “A metaphysical bible! The visualizations are amazing and easy to follow. Charol’s real-life examples are something the average person can relate to and be willing to try. I did and was amazed at the results!”

Judith Yarrow-Lawn, Holistic Health Consultant – “A must-have for everyone navigating these tumultuous times. I appreciate Charol’s down-to-earth, practical spirituality way of assisting one in finding the answers from within, listening to details that one often ignores, and trusting one’s deeper intuition to find solutions to the many challenges one is confronted with daily…. I have known Charol over many years and have read a number of her works, taken classes from her and appreciated the wisdom she imparts. Charol is guided by her inner wisdom and a strong sense of purpose to heal the planet. This book empowers you for your own personal healing journey.”

Melodie Hawkins, writer, Denver CO – “Charol helps us isolate our inner intuitive voice and quiet the inner analytical voice so that we can finally get clear messages and signals….. Thank you, Charol, for sharing your wonderful toolkit!”