Everyday Use and Safety

The Men in Blue

I was driving home from Denver to Colorado Springs, an hour-and-a-half trip south on I-25. When approaching my neighborhood on this Tuesday evening at eleven p.m., I was very tired. On the spur of the moment, I decided to stop at the Dunkin’ Donuts on my left.

After pulling back out of the small shopping center, with my treat in the bag, I waited at the very long traffic light. Several minutes passed. It was late and there was absolutely no traffic—so I decided to go through the red light and make the left turn home only six blocks away.

Words immediately popped into my mind: Why don’t you turn right, then make a u-turn?

Intuition for Every DayThat would have been legal, I realized. However, typically contrary and stubborn, I said aloud to myself, “Now, why should I do that?” So I did as I wanted, pulled through the red light, and turned left.

As soon as I was in the right lane headed home, a police car pulled up behind me, with its red and blue lights flashing in the dark night.

When the uniformed officer came up to my window, which I rolled down, the first thing he said was, “Why didn’t you turn right, then make a u-turn?”

I was stunned! Wow!

Well, I’d been warned. He gave me a ticket.

A few weeks later, I decided to take that ticket to court, because the traffic light had been inordinately slow and there had been no traffic, so I felt somewhat justified in driving through the red light.

While sitting in the cubicle in front of the young assistant district attorney, I was very nervous. I had meditated beforehand and now held my focus of intention, the true outcome I desired: to receive fair treatment but a reduced sentence. Holding my focus of intention, I visualized in my mind’s eye and felt an energy sensation: I saw my crown chakra open and a column of clear light straight up to my Higher Self. In my heart and mind, I genuinely let go and was willing to accept whatever treatment I would be given.

I then stated my story to the Assistant D.A., without any effort or force of will.

Much to my amazement, just as the young fellow was about to reduce my traffic points from four to two—holding his pen in the air just above the page, just about to write—he changed his mind right then and wrote zero and told me to tell the judge the same story. So I did.

On my way into the courtroom, I knew the fee could be as much as seventy-five dollars, at least twenty-five (which was a great deal of money for me at that time, but mentally I decided ten dollars would be fair).

Standing before the judge, with my knees shaking, I told my story (during which entire time, I continued to hold the visualization of the white light up to Spirit and my clear intention for the highest good of all … still affirming in my heart the outcome I preferred).

After hearing my story, the judge ordered me to pay ten dollars. I was stunned … and relieved.

This focused intention stuff was powerful! The secret:

Ask for what you want.

Hold the focus.

Release the outcome.

Don’t worry.

Don’t demand.

Accept the highest good for all.

Another time, I was driving south from Colorado Springs on a long business trip all the way to Waco, Texas, a seventeen-hour drive. I was alone, in my old junker, a white 1972 Mercury Comet. Out on the open highway, approaching Trinidad, Colorado, I felt free—as I always do behind the wheel on a road trip, one of the great benefits of living in America. I mentally visualized a bubble of white light around my old car for safety, then I asked the angels to watch over me and keep me safe on this long trip. My speed accelerated. I was feeling good.

The other side of the freeway was some distance away across a very wide gulch. Before I had asked for the protection, I had seen three highway patrol cars pass me in the opposite direction, way over there. Now as soon as I asked the angels to look out for me and keep me safe, amazingly a fourth police car—way over there across the gulch—drove over the gulch, straight at me. When he gave me only a warning ticket for speeding, I counted myself lucky and cautioned.

~ ~ ~

from comprehensive lifetime workbook of original techniques and meditations by futurist and visionary Charol Messenger, Intuition for Every Day, SERIES Book 3 of 3. National Finalist 2015 in New Age Nonfiction.