Four living beings of light counsel and guide each person every day.

Cover Wings of LightThrough relevant present-day personal true stories, archetypal parables, and original visualization exercises, in WINGS OF LIGHT you see how to sense and hear your own personal guardian angel, counselor angel, caretaker angel, and intercessor angel. Simple techniques show you how to sense an angel’s presence, hear the angels, and trust your instinctual knowing of just what to do in any situation.

A significant chapter is a technique directly from the angels on how to find a lost loved one and secure safety. This visualization technique “came” to Charol on five different occasions when her miniature schnauzer was lost, from three-months-old to fourteen-years-old. Each time, Charol’s dog was returned to her quickly and unharmed, despite the dangerous and extraordinary situations. This same technique also worked for twelve other people.

WINGS OF LIGHT is a meditation guide on how to let the angels help you. This simple, beautiful book unveils ancient mystery school teachings on the four angels who guide us every day.

Six chapters were published in Spirit Quest magazine, Denver CO.

FINALIST 2012 in spirituality, CIPA EVVY book awards.

Kirkus Reviews wrote, “There are four categories of angels … and each has its role of protection, self-discovery, self-will and connection with the ‘Higher Self.’ This is a quietly powerful book, emphasizing personal strength and inner knowing rather than fear, and its message of hope and reassurance is a warm, welcome cup of breakfast tea … sincere, concise and nonjudgmental … easy-to-follow practices and meditations…. A particularly persuasive chapter provides techniques for energetically locating a lost loved one. Another plus is information on universal laws, finding serenity, restoring spiritual resonance and realigning the ‘Self.’ Helpful, gentle, practical illumination for the spiritual seeker.”

WINGS OF LIGHT: Knowing the Angels Who Guide You

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